Cayamo: Lyric Of The Week

Richard Thompson – “Beeswing”

One of the artists I’m most excited to see live on Cayamo is Richard Thompson. His voice, his guitar playing, and his words are all so incredible and unique. I love all the lyrics to this tune of his, especially these lines:

“Oh she was a rare thing, fine as a bee’s wing
So fine that I might crush her where she lay
She was a lost child, she was running wild
She said “As long as there’s no price on love, I’ll stay.
And you wouldn’t want me any other way””

So, today it begins. I’m about to set sail on Cayamo and I cannot express my excitement. I’ve experienced a music cruise before and I’ve seen how magical and special it can be…and now the music on THIS cruise is pretty much tailored to my tastes! I’m pinching myself…and probably will be all week. But I’ll be blogging about it too, so check back very soon!

Richard Thompson



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2 responses to “Cayamo: Lyric Of The Week

  1. dabodog

    Richard Thompson has been spinning musical gold with his guitar work since his days working with Nick Drake. Always love his acoustic performances…

  2. Doug Sprenger

    Thanks for all your posts! I was a bit disappointed that Richard didn’t sing Beeswing on Cayamo yet everything else he performed was so amazing that it hardly matters

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