Cayamo: Song(s) Of The Day

While there will be plenty of singer-songwriters with years and years of experience under their belt on Cayamo, there are also some newer artists that I’m thrilled to check out. I’ve blogged about all four of these songs before and I’ll be psyched to see/hear them performed live!

The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow”

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

Sarah Jaffe – “Clementine”

Joe Purdy – “Can’t Get It Right Today”


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One response to “Cayamo: Song(s) Of The Day

  1. Deb LaBlanc

    Have a wonderful trip, Jess. In my experience, these music fest cruises are special not only for the abundance of musicians/shows there are to choose from, but also for the casual atmosphere it provides where you can run into someone you admire at any point in time. People on this cruise for the most part are die hard singer/songwriter fans. They’re there to vacation and to listen. On Cayamo, ’08, I witnessed a beautiful camaraderie between musicians who never met before get together with impromptu performances. It’s a kinder, gentler jam cruise, but you still will have to make time to sleep as there seems to be something going on at all hours. Hope it exceeds all your expectations.

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