Jam Cruise 10 Wrap Up

It seems impossible to even wrap my mind around all that I experienced on Jam Cruise, so it’s definitely not easy to wrap it up in a single blog post. But I have to move on from the experience at some point (on my blog at least). So I’ll try to express how special this cruise really is.

Any cruise is special. If you’ve been on one of these luxury ships, you know…the cabins, the lounges, the restaurants, the theatre, the bars, the pool deck, the spa, the VIEW – the MSC Poesia was certainly a nice place to stay for a few days! So imagine this ship (pictured above), and add 30 or so amazing musical acts and 3,000 cruisers ready to party. Now imagine there are about 75 scheduled performances in 6 different ‘venues’ on the ship all over the course of just 5 days. Jam Cruise is basically a huge music festival ON A CRUISE SHIP. Sounds fun, right?

But what REALLY sets this event apart from others is the fact that musicians and fans are experiencing the whole thing together. When I took my first ride in the elevator on night one, it was with George Porter Jr. and his wife. For my first meal on board, I sat behind Marco Benevento and his family (really cute kids!). And when I went into the gym to work out, I saw Brad Barr coming out of the sauna in a towel. These interactions add a sort of surreal feeling to it all. But what’s really special about everyone being ‘stuck’ on a boat together, is that musical magic is bound to happen. Over and over and over again. And fans and musicians alike are WOWed.

Surprise sit ins, jams, impromptu performances, unexpected covers, rogue sets all over the boat…and all night long. Nobody wants to miss these magical moments, so sleeping is not a priority. Theme nights encourage creative costumes, so everyone dresses however the hell they want! The energy on board is heightened, the attitude in general is extremely positive, and oh yea, it’s 75 degrees and sunny. Put that in a ship and sail it…Jam Cruise is really like nothing else out there. Everyone leaves thinking – did that just happen? And… it did!

Jam Cruise

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