JC: Garage A Trois

Jam Cruise was an amazing learning experience for me. There’s SO MUCH MUSIC in the world and I’m only exposed to a tiny fraction of it. I love being immersed in something new musically…and Jam Cruise was exactly that. By asking a lot of questions, I became aware of certain players in the jam scene and who was in what band with who, etc. And of course I got to hear some incredible collaborations.

Garage A Trois, for example, is Stanton Moore (of Galactic) on drums, with Mike Dillon on vibes and percussion, Skerik on sax and the newly added Marco Benevento (Benevento/Russo Duo) on keys (replacing Charlie Hunter). These four create some of the most experimental, OUT THERE music I’ve ever heard! There were plenty of drugs on Jam Cruise, but no drugs were needed while listening to this quartet’s trippy tunes.

I lean towards the term jazz/punk to try to explain what this band does, but it really is indescribable and so different from song to song. Thickly layered instrumentation, complex changes in time signature, and frequent improvisation makes this band’s live show completely mesmerizing. At any sort of festival with multiple stages, you tend to think about what you might be missing elsewhere, but Garage A Trois had me completely immersed in their theater set on night 4.

Garage A Trois

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