JC: Ozomatli

I honestly might not have checked out this band had my good friend not suggested it. He said I should bring my dancing shoes and be prepared for them to put on a hell of a show. Well he was certainly right on! This band is the epitome of HIGH ENERGY. Aside from the drummer, each band member is a multi instrumentalist who also sings. Throughout the set, each singer took a turn on lead vocals and got the crowd riled up in their own way…with call and response and LIVELY dance moves! There were even times when the whole band would dance in unison, getting the crowd to move along wth them.

Despite the mid day dip of energy among the cruisers, it seemed like everyone who decided to take a quick listen to Ozomatli was pulled in and had no choice but to stay and dance. Even those who weren’t up for dancing were moving in some way…it was impossible not to feed off the energetic performance of the band not to mention their fast paced, world music sound. Check these guys out live if you ever get the chance! I’m looking forward to another set from them in the theatre tonight.


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