JC: Keller & the Keels

After yesterday’s sail away party and a night FILLED with music, I think a lot of first time Jam Cruisers and veterans alike were feeling groggy this morning. It’s not easy to get your sea legs and adjust to the late night schedule on day 1. So the start of day 2 today was a slow one. At close to 2pm on the Pool Deck stage, Keller & the Keels made the sun seem even brighter with their infectious bluegrass music. This trio provided the perfect soundtrack to the beautiful sunny day and delighted with covers of well-known tunes that made everyone smile and sing along. It’s no surprise that Keller Williams brings some comedy into this act, and the trio creates a kind of breath of fresh air with their unique music…music that most importantly, you can shake a leg to!

Keller & the Keels


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