JAM CRUISE: Song Of The Day

Keller & the Keels – “Don’t Cuss The Fiddle”

I’ve seen Keller Williams before and I do enjoy his one man band show…but I’m REALLY excited to see him play with Larry and Jenny Keels on Jam Cruise. Their sophomore release as Keller & the Keels, Thief, has 13 unconventional bluegrass covers that really are a lot of fun. I can imagine they’ll be a blast to see live! Here they perform an old Kris Kristofferson tune:

Keller & the Keels


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2 responses to “JAM CRUISE: Song Of The Day

  1. Gregory MacKinnon

    That bass is humongous, I bet the woman playing it could fit inside. That is pretty tight. If you like this bluegrass type stuff, I suggest album ‘Pizza Tapes’ Garcia, Grisman, and Rice. Fantastic album and story behind it.

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