Best Of ’11: Dawes

Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

Sort of funny that this album is called Nothing Is Wrong…because there really isn’t a thing wrong with it. Each song is so solidly folk rock…and the album as a whole is very cohesive and complete. When I saw Dawes live at Newport Folk two summers ago, I flipped for them. While this album doesn’t make me flip, it IS a really great piece of work by a talented band. It’ll land somewhere on my best of list for the year.




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2 responses to “Best Of ’11: Dawes

  1. Gregory MacKinnon

    Tight album. “If I wanted someone” fav song. Cracks my top 7 list behind 6. Radiohead, 5. My Morning J, 4. Bon Iver, 3. Middle Brother, 2. Black Keys, and 1. Wilco.

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