NEW Music: Feist

Feist – Metals

Every so often a piece of art will touch you very deeply…it’ll have an affect on you that you can’t even accurately explain in words. That’s how I feel about this album. I’ll attempt to explain.

Leslie Feist took a full year off before she began to write Metals. She said she wanted to learn how to be quiet and discover that “silence isn’t aggressive”, and that concept certainly shows through in these 12 tracks. There’s a depth to the sound that’s simply stunning…and yet under the layers of carefully constructed piano, guitars, drums, strings, horns, and harmonies, lies a still and utter silence. It’s most prominent in tracks like “Graveyard”, “Caught A Long Wind”, “Anti-Pioneer” and “Cicadas And Gulls”.

While a lot of the tunes have strength in their lovely, quiet power, there are louder and stronger moments too. “The Bad In Each Other” is a perfect start to the album, with it’s heavy drum beats and blasting horns. Halfway through the album, “The Commotion” really amps up the energy, and later, “Undiscovered First” also nails you with its power.

“The Circle Married The Line”, “Bittersweet Melodies”, and “Comfort Me” are my favorites for now…their words and vocal harmonies are incredibly moving. “Comfort Me” especially grabs you with it’s sudden choir of voices about 2 minutes in.

This is the type of album where the arrangements are the first to sink in, and the lyrics come after. In certain cases, the words are inaudible, but the full, lush sound of the song is what really soars – Feist’s voice is just another instrument added in to the glorious mix. There’s something to say about listening to this album outdoors. I feel that the change of seasons is really embraced by these sounds.

If you read this blog or know me at all, you know how I feel about the Fleet Foxes album, Helplessness Blues…it’s safe to say I never thought any album this year could move me the way that one did (does). I’m so happy I gave Metals the time and attention I did, because it has moved me in ways I never anticipated. It fills me with light…and strangely, hope.



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