Lyric Of The Week

Katie Herzig – “Wish You Well”

Since I’ve been loving Katie Herzig’s new album these days, I went back to listen to her 2008 album, Apple Tree yesterday. “Wish You Well” was the big single on that album, and the lyrics really hit me hard while revisiting the tune. All of us go through heartache sometimes, and it’s hard not to look back with sadness…but these words are so uplifting. This song helps me remember to look back and be grateful for every experience, even the painful ones.

“I, I will remember you
Not the way you left but how you lived
And what you knew…

I’ll find my way
You showed me how
I’ll find my way
Cause you showed me how

I, I want to wish you well
The only reason my heart beats
Is cause you showed it how”

Katie Herzig

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