Lyric Of The Week

Julian Velard – “Another Guy’s Song”

Julian Velard creates a different breed of pop music. It’s smart and funny…entertaining and truthful. Tonight at 9pm I’ll play his entire new album, Mr. Saturday Night. The album has a lot of upbeat, catchy, busy tunes, but one of my favorites is the very last track. It’s stripped down and slow…sad and thoughtful…and quite beautiful.

“Say what you want, do what you will
Just get it done with, go for the kill
Sand in my teeth, dirt in my hair
I feel like a beach towel, right now, a part of me’s dead
Now honey I finally know what you mean
The world doesn’t need a sad song
But I can’t stop singing my dreams

Don’t make me sing another guy’s song
That’s wrong, that’s wrong, that’s wrong…

Maui is nice, this time of year
Beautiful sunset, so I hear, you made it so clear
Your voice on the phone, snap crackles and pops
These days I’m staying at home playing games on a cereal box”

Julian Velard

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