NEW Music: Tall Heights

Tall Heights – Rafters

Never heard of Tall Heights? I could guess this Boston-based duo won’t be a hidden gem for much longer. Tim Harrington and Paul Wright have been independently spreading the word about their music for a few years now, and after selling 2,000 copies of their debut album, they’re now out with a new EP – Rafters.

The five songs on this EP brilliantly display this duo’s subdued but strong and sometimes haunting sound. It’s a sound that resembles elements of The Civil Wars, Kings Of Convenience, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver. Guitar and cello lay a foundation for each track while delicate vocals with beautifully crafted harmonies create a very clear mood and feel. It’s a type of sound that demands your full attention…it pulls you in and almost eases your mind. Once you’re in, you begin to listen to the lyrics and the songs become new again…filled with life and pulsing with emotion. “To Be Young” is my favorite track:

Tall Heights

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