Not just a music festival…

…and not just a billion dollar company.

Headed into the Life is good festival, I was hoping to be musically inspired…and there certainly WAS an endless amount of musical inspiration at every turn. What I didn’t expect to walk away with, was a feeling of pure joy and a new hope for humanity.
I guess you could say that Bert and John Jacobs stumbled upon a genius concept with their initial sketch of “Jake” – the goofy, smiling logo of Life is good. Perhaps there was some luck involved, but it seems clear to me that perseverance and hard work were also factors in the equation. No matter what it was that got these brothers and this company to where they are today, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves. With 4,500 retail stores in all 50 states and 30 countries, it’s safe to say they’re doing well!

With so much talk about corporate greed these days, it was such a breath of fresh air to see a company worth billions of dollars putting on such a large scale event for the greater good. 100% of the proceeds from this past weekend’s festival went to the Life is good Playmakers – a group dedicated to helping children who face life-threatening challenges. The company met their goal of raising 1 million dollars for the charity…and also spread their positive message to thousands of adults and kids who attended the festival.

Sure, Life is good is a corporation that sells a product (MANY products) with a logo and a slogan. But what their logo and slogan stand for has become so clear to me through attending this festival and through learning about the Life is good charity. It’s a message of positivity, optimism, hope, laughter, joy, music, and love. Turn off the TV and play a game. Get outside and run around. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Take your kids to see music outdoors. Give what you can to help someone else. Get together and celebrate LIFE.

I know I’m just one of many who walked away from this experience with a feeling of hope. If a sketch of a smiley face can turn into a million dollars for kids in need and immeasurable inspiration for others, then anything is possible.

Life is good


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3 responses to “Not just a music festival…

  1. Jenn

    So well stated. Life IS Good

  2. :) so true- what a beautiful thing!

  3. jack phaneuf

    Elaine says: Life is Great! Jack says: Maybe we are raising the consciousness finally. I hope so; we need to be we.

    What a wonderful festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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