Life IS Good

I’ve been disappointed with myself for not posting all week…I haven’t necessarily felt musically inspired these days. I know there’s plenty out there to discover, but I just don’t seem to have the drive to explore. Great music is sometimes easy to find with all the new CDs that come in to the station, but I haven’t even been compelled to sit and listen. The change of seasons has gotten to my mood a bit, and this dreary weather hasn’t helped. I’m definitely listening to music…but mostly the same few artists and songs again and again. They fit my gloomy demeanor.

I have hope that I’ll get out of this rut after a weekend FILLED with amazing music. Tomorrow I head to the Life Is Good festival, which features two days of ridiculous talent…Ray LaMontagne, The Avett Brothers, Michael Franti, Maceo Parker, Ingrid Michaelson, Martin Sexton, Levon Helm…

What’s even more exciting is the cause – 100% of proceeds from the festival go towards helping children who have it tough. This festival is truly about good music and good vibes. So I’ll join my family, friends, and co-workers in Canton, MA tomorrow to celebrate life and music…even the rain can’t spoil that.


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