Song Of The Day

The Weepies – “I Was Made For Sunny Days”

This song was the single from the latest Weepies album – Be My Thrill – and we played it a bunch on mvy. I definitely really liked the tune…it was catchy and poppy and I liked the sentiment of being made for sunny days (I definitely could relate to that). But I never actually listened to ALL of the words in the song. I think the full, happy-sounding instrumentation of it really kept me listening to the melody more than anything.

But when I saw The Weepies live a few weeks back, they played a very stripped down version of this tune, and I found myself crying at the beauty of each and every lyric! I’ve been thinking about the song ever since…

Here are a bit of the words:

“Oh, the nights are longer
Oh, you make me stronger
And the late light lingers on the grass
And the nights are dark but then they pass
They don’t seem so deep
I’m still losing sleep but I don’t mind,
no I don’t mind

Got you a winter jacket
that our baby wears around
And we chase him through the springtime
and the sleeves drag on the ground
And every hour we’re working
and work and play are bound
And every day is Sunday
’cause the sun comes dancing down”

The Weepies

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