Song Of The Day

Easy Star All-Stars w/ Citizen Cope – “Karma Police”

Last night I got to check out Citizen Cope at Nectars here on the island. I had never seen him before and I only knew a few of his more popular tunes so I was excited to get a better feel for the music. It was a full band show and I had heard from friends that the full band experience was a much more energetic one compared to his solo show. They were right…the energy was great…lots of hardcore fans were there, singing along to every song and getting pumped up. I enjoyed it a lot. I guess I could compare the music to a more poppy, mainstream Radiohead sound. He’s got those repetitive, out-there vocals that float along and kinda make you feel like zoning out. In a good way. The highlight of the show for me was when he encored with the Radiohead tune “Karma Police”, which he had recorded with the Easy Star All-Stars. Check it out:

Citizen Cope
Easy Star Al-Stars

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