Lyric Of The Week

Delbert McClinton – “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me”

I’ve heard this song a dozen times and always chuckled to myself. It’s a funny concept…and a fun, upbeat tune too. But the other day when I heard it, I really heard the lyrics and thought about how sweet and witty they are:

“It’s getting hard to use a ladder ’cause I keep climbing down just to kiss her
And if she’s out of my sight for a minute or two, I start to miss her.
We stay all tangled up in each other’s arms, and it’s so nice.
She talks in her sleep, but she always gets my name right.

If there’s anything at all that’s wrong with her,
It’s something I just can’t see.
Ain’t no doubt about it,
She’s the same kind of crazy as me.”

Delbert McClinton

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