Song Of The Day

Jose Gonzalez – “Heartbeats”

I really love putting these alternate versions of songs out there in the mornings… yesterday I asked for suggestions from friends on Facebook, and my friend J reminded me of the tune “Heartbeats” that appears on Jose Gonzalez’s album, Veneer. I was familiar with the song, because my friend here on the island performed it out one night last summer and I asked him about it. I remembered him telling me he was covering the Jose Gonzalez version, but I never went and listened to the original – from the electronic Swedish band, The Knife. Well here’s the beautiful rendition from Gonzalez, and be sure to check out a little of the original… WOW! SO different.

Jose Gonzalez
The Knife

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  1. Jose Gonzalez has quite a European following… rivaling David Hasselhoff. Interesting that the video for another of his songs uses cut/paste animation as the video for “the Knife – Heartbeats”

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