NEW Music: Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn – Small Source Of Comfort

Not a lot of people my age are big fans of Bruce Cockburn… in fact, not a lot of people my age even know who he is. My knowledge of him is all thanks to my Dad who’s been a big Bruce fan for many years. This is studio album number 31 for the Canadian singer/songwriter and it’s every bit as solid as you would expect.

The first track, “The Iris Of the World,” is a twist on the classic traveling song, followed by the single, “Call Me Rose” which starts with the line, “My name was Richard Nixon only now I’m a girl.” Cockburn said he woke up one morning with the idea of Nixon reincarnated as a woman full formed in his head. Trippy! I also love “Bohemian 3-Step” – a beautifully played instrumental really showcasing Cockburn’s guitar skills.

Cockburn, along with his band and his producer (Colin Linden), really did a brilliant job of creating a total mood for each song. “Five Fifty-One” perfectly exudes the busy sidewalks and streets of Brooklyn and it’s followed by “Driving Away,” which has only a few simple lines but such a delicate and gorgeous tone. “Lois on the Autobahn” is another light and playful instrumental inspired by a piece by violinist Jenny Scheinman and titled after Cockburn’s late mother.

After a humorous ditty about a friend not calling back (“Called Me Back”), the album slows a bit with a few darker instrumentals plus “Each One Lost”, a moving ballad about war in memory of a fallen Canadian soldier. Cockburn ends the album with “Gifts”, a song he would frequently close his shows with, but never recorded until now.

There are 14 tracks on this album and while they amount to almost a full hour, I didn’t find myself bored or lost even once. Cockburn is still as captivating as ever with Small Source Of Comfort.

Bruce Cockburn

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  1. Gerry Monaco

    You are right on the money with this one Jess!…been listening to it about every other day since I downloaded it. Just about the best Bruce I’ve heard up to now….although I think I say that every time I hear new music from him. It sure is refreshing to some of the younger folk appreciating such a gifted artist, musician and human being too!

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