Song Of The Day

Fleet Foxes – “Grown Ocean”

Maybe you’ve already heard this tune and seen the video… it was released a few days back but I wasn’t sold on it right away. After hearing the GORGEOUS title track of Helplessness Blues, I felt like this song just didn’t live up. It didn’t have as much movement and rise and fall and the lyrics weren’t so obvious so they didn’t seem as meaningful to me… but after a few more listens, I’ve really come around. Of course this album (which comes out on May 3rd) is going to have a variety of tunes, and I’m stoked to listen to the whole thing from start to finish. Here’s “Grown Ocean”:

Fleet Foxes

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  1. I really like the Fleet Foxes and have been looking forward to hearing something form the new album. It is always fun to hear where a favorite band takes their sound. Thanks for sharing!

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