Why I Do This

Inspired by listener feedback

With everything that goes on in this world, with life at times so complicated and so difficult for so many people, I occasionally ask myself what the hell I’m doing. I’m a radio DJ. I get paid to play and talk about music every day…that’s my job. I keep up this little blog on the side because I can reach out to even more people to share what I think is quality music.

On Saturday, I was live on the air for the afternoon and I had a blast. I played a lot of artists I thought were new and exciting and took a lot of listener requests which is always fun. I sat alone in the studio, cut off from the outside world for 6 hours, and enjoyed some good music. But what did I accomplish?

That night my boss forwarded me a listener email from Heidi in Texas, who was streaming my afternoon shift online while at home. She wrote, “I was working on a photo project and the music was perfect for inspiring/supporting me as I created. I was really happy…with my work, the music, the world…”

So, I was reminded of why I do what I do. If I can reach out to even just one person and make them feel that way for a little while, even for just one song, I’ve done my job.



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11 responses to “Why I Do This

  1. Right on right on. What you do is a huge driving force of this train moving forward with good momentum. I play music and I love it, but putting on the music showcase night’s and open mic’s I’ve done over the years are so important to feeding it all… it’s a very similar thing. At times you wonder if the hard work is doing anything, and then one day some one gives you that killer affirmation. It’s great. I’m glad someone reached out and said hey. I remember one night we were up at Jeremy’s place and we listened to your show for hours. It was the setting for our good time and we all were connected that much more because we knew that DJ we were listening to. It’s huge to have you doing what you do. It’s real. Thanks!

    • You are THE MAN, Tom… not only do you inspire with your own music, but all that you do for others is amazing. You’re not only passing along word of lesser known talents, but also giving them a chance to express themselves in a way they couldn’t before. You inspire me! And I’m so glad the feeling is mutual. <3

  2. To be honest, you have had a huge influence on my music listening over the last two years since I discovered your blog, and I have never commented or thanked you. I read you daily & it is about time that I let you know how much I enjoy your nods to lesser known bands, your insightful comments and positive outlook.

    Thank you!


    • Thank YOU, Tim for reading my blog and making it a part of your day. That’s so HUGE to me! Like I say in this post, passing along the positivity and beauty I find in the music is what drives me. Then hearing the feedback is what helps to fuel that drive! Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. lagoondine

    Sometimes the DJ knows best! I thought I wanted The Clash. You gave me Songbird and made me laugh. I knew I wanted Robbie. You gave me Broken Arrow. I was jealous of people going to see Keller. You gave me Freaker from the Speaker. And so went my grueling yard work day that Saturday. Me rushing up through the woods to hear what was next. I’ll never forget your winter melancholy play list. I may have never known about The Low Anthem were it not for you. You are not “alone” in the studio. We are listening. We are paying attention. As my brother said, after the Clairvoyant hour, Kudos to Jess! Glad you are here. Nadine

    • I’m so happy to hear that my shift improved your yard work experience on Saturday and that you enjoyed and really felt my winter melancholy Hot Seat. It means a lot! I’m also THRILLED that I could pass on word of The Low Anthem… their music is…beautiful, just beautiful! Glad to know you’re listening :)))

  4. beth

    Ive said it before but I will say it again,,,,your awesome and thanks for music!!! :)

  5. Jenn

    Your insight and love of the music shine through in all you do, and it’s so appreciated. Keep it up, we love you!!

  6. jack phaneuf

    hey jess!!!!!!
    that’s a “wow” a hundred times over. What wonderful comments and how it must make you feel connected not only to your listeners but in your being…you are doing what you’re suppose to do; incredible!!!!!!!!!! I love you more, dad.

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