NEW Music: Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson – How to Become Clairvoyant

This album doesn’t come out until April 5th, but tonight we feature it in its entirety at 9pm on the Album Of the Week. I remember the first time I saw The Last Waltz, and how I immediately had a huge crush on a young Robbie Robertson… and then I remember how amusing it was to hear some of his wackier solo stuff (like “Somewhere Down the Crazy River”).

I wouldn’t describe this album as wacky, but as extremely solid, with special guests including Steve Winwood, Robert Randolph, Eric Clapton, Trent Reznor, and Tom Morello. Each of these musicians make their unmistakable mark on the tunes they appear on… and I also find myself getting wrapped up in some of the brilliant bass lines from Pino Palladino. What also strikes me with this album is the honesty of the lyrics.

The album’s single, “He Don’t Live Here No More” captivates me. Robertson’s simple yet fascinating lyrics combined with the beautifully textured music and backing vocals create such a gripping tune. It’s one of my favorite songs at the moment. Tracks like “When the Night Was Young” and “The Right Mistake” have a laid back and warm vibe about them. Robertson and Clapton’s co-writes shine as well… “Fear Of Falling”  has a catchy chorus and some rippin’ guitar solos while “Won’t Be Back” is a soft and somber ballad of heartache. The album ends with a beautiful “Tango For Django”, written by Robertson and co-producer Marius de Vries.

Hear How to Become Clairvoyant in its entirety!
It’s mvyradio’s Album Of the Week
TONIGHT at 9pm

Robbie Roberton


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2 responses to “NEW Music: Robbie Robertson

  1. lagoondine

    Awesome that you are doing this! Robbie is Forever Cool! Staying up late!

  2. Forever cool… great way to put it!

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