83rd Annual Academy Awards

OK, I know this is a music blog, but allow me to digress today since I’m a big movie fan… and I happened to have made it a point to see all 10 films that are up for Best Picture tonight. For anyone who’s seen the films, or read acclaim for them, I don’t think we’ll be surprised tonight… I believe The King’s Speech will win Best Picture and most likely a slew of other awards (Best Actor seems likely).  I fully support this movie; I thought it was extraordinary. However, my personal favorite for a lot of reasons was The Social Network.

The pace, the suspense, the story, the acting, the SOUNDTRACK, and the subject matter, all made The Social Network special. And the more I look back at clips and think about what really drew me into the film, the more I realize the music had a very large role in that. Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and bandmate Atticus Ross scored the film. And here’s a great sampling of that score as well as an interview with the duo:

I think it’s safe to say if The Social Network sneaks up and nabs Best Picture, I’ll be pretty thrilled.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

TONIGHT at 8PM eastern on ABC


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