mvyradio: Local Music Cafe

Last minute, I was asked to fill in on the Local Music Cafe tonight and I worried for a bit that I wouldn’t have enough solid material to play. But as usual, a quick shout out to musicians on Facebook cured that worry. I ended up with a solid hour of great tunes and I thought I’d share my setlist with you. Artist names link to their site. Check out these talented bands/artists on the rise!

Sarah Blacker – “Knocked the Winds”
Julian Velard – “Love Again For the First Time”
Darian Cunning – “By Far”
Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “Canada”
Dietrich Strause – “Brickyard”
The And Company – “NYE”
Darian Cunning – “Caught in the Rain”
Dan Byrnes Band – “Crosstown Traffic” [LIVE]
Dietrich Strause – “Jean Louise”
Ari & Mia – “Painter”
Dietrich Strause – “Fire”
Barricades – “Lost”
The Evening – “Something New”

Check the Local Music Cafe archives to hear this show, it’ll be posted soon!

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