Lyric Of The Week

Delta Spirit – “Salt in the Wound”

I’m pretty sure most everyone can relate to feeling depressed. It seems like most people I know have reached a very low place at one point in their lives – I know I have. I think it’s normal to question what our purpose is… sometimes it can seem so unclear. And once you start questioning that, things in the mind can turn pretty grim. Lately I’ve been really into the latest Delta Spirit album, History From Below, and there’s a tune on there that really nails those feelings:

“I want to disappear
Far from the folks I know
I want to get an answer
To why I was even born
No one here can tell me
What’s been haunting me all my life
Well this rat race has left me limping
Cause I balanced on the edge of the edge of the knife

Why am I here?
Oh what should I do?
Well is this the point I’m trying to prove?

If there’s a god in my head
Then there’s a devil too
How can I tell the difference
When they both claim to be true
Maybe God is God
Maybe the Devil is me
Well I just throw my chains on
And tell myself that I’m free

Chains – are they really there?
Is this just in my head?
Well I’ll just stay in bed”

Delta Spirit


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