Song Of The Day

The Strokes – “Under Cover Of Darkness”

I’ll admit, I was scared to check out this new single. I’ve always been a big fan of The Strokes… I really do enjoy their sound, it gets me amped up and dancing. I remember when another one of my long time favorite ‘fun’ bands, 311, released the album Uplifter in 2009, I was terribly disappointed. It’s almost as if bands with this distinct kind of sound can only veer so far from that sound… and then there are only so many songs they can produce with that one sound, so they end up either successfully transforming their sound, or just losing momentum and putting out music that’s much less enjoyable. I feel like that happened with 311 and with Muse too, and maybe even Incubus. I don’t want that to happen with The Strokes. This single isn’t WOWING me, but it’s definitely not terrible, so I have hope for their new album… Angles comes out March 22nd.

The Strokes

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