Song Of The Day

The New Pornographers – “Moves”

The latest album from The New Pornographers – Together – was one of my favorite albums of  2010. This is a pretty wacky video, but the song is one of my favorites from that album. Comedian Tom Scharpling wrote and directed, while a slew of other actors/comedians portrayed members of the band doing a spoof on “the Rise and Rise of the New Pornographers”. Check it out:

The New Pornographers


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2 responses to “Song Of The Day

  1. SB(ZP)

    Huh. Tom Scharpling did this one? Coo.
    I must admit, I was initially apprehensive about Together. Challengers was a weak entry in their discog, I thought, and I feared this was the beginning of a decline. When I pushed myself to pick up Together ahead of interviewing AC Newman about that and the ten year anniversary of Mass Romantic, opening with this song just reminded me why I got into the New Pornos in the first place: A good hook, silly lyrics, and nice production. What pop should sound like, you know?

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