Song Of The Day

Sarah Jarosz – “My Muse”

Last night I flipped on PBS and caught Sarah Jarosz on Austin City Limits. WOW. She had two incredible young men playing with her, on cello and violin. The trio was just blowing me away with their talent. Then, Sarah played a softer tune by herself that took my breath away. The melody is almost haunting and the lyrics are so beautiful. It’s really hard to believe she’s only 19 years old. Check it out:

Sarah Jarosz


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3 responses to “Song Of The Day

  1. gmonaco

    Nice for staring out the back window watching the falling snow.
    Can’t wait to hear the violin and cello.

  2. jack phaneuf

    sarah j. is incredible! what is she playing? looks like eight strings, two of each tone…weird but gorgeous!! thanks, jess

  3. I have no idea! Ryan thinks it’s a type of mandolin… maybe a mandocello. Gorgeous!

    Definitely perfect for falling snow out the window :)

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