Best Of ’10: Ben Folds & Nick Hornby

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue

Next week I’ll be posting my personal Top 25 list for 2010… and this album will be a late addition. I knew I liked what I had heard of it, so I made time this past week to really take it all in, and MAN, what an awesome collaboration! “Ben Folds adds music and melody to Nick Hornby’s words” is what it says on the album cover, but it could say: “Ben Folds creates genius pop songs using Nick Hornby’s candid musings about human nature.”

Favorite tracks: “Picture Window”, “Doc Pomus”, “From Above”

Check it out if you like:

**The lyrics to “From Above” are pure poetry:

“They even looked at each other once
Across a crowded bar
He was with Martha
She was with Tom
Neither of them knew what was going on
A strange feeling of never
Heartbeats becoming synchronized
And staying that way forever

But most of the time
It was just near misses
Air kisses
Once in a bookstore, once at a party
She came in just as he was leaving
And years ago, at the movies, she sat behind him
A six-thirty showing of While You Were Sleeping
He never once looked round

It’s so easy from above
You can really see it all
People who belong together
Lost and sad and small
But there’s nothing to be done for them
It doesn’t work that way
Sure, we all have soul mates
But we walk past them every day

And it’s not like they were ever actually unhappy
In the lives they lives
He married Martha
She married Tom
Just this vague notion that something was wrong
An ache, an absence, a phantom limb
An itch that could never be scratched

And who knows whether that’s how it should be
Maybe our ghosts live right in that vacancy

It’s so easy from above…

Maybe that’s how books get written
Maybe that’s why songs get sung
Maybe we owe the unlucky ones.”

Ben Folds
Nick Hornby
Lonely Avenue


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