Song Of The Day

James Morrison – “Under The Influence”

OK… I’m totally owning up to liking this cheesy pop song. James Morrison is a UK pop sensation and honestly, his lyrics don’t seem to get very deep. Especially in this tune, which I find myself liking simply for it’s catchiness. I guess there’s something to be said for pop music that I can stand to listen to!

James Morrison


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2 responses to “Song Of The Day

  1. Deb LaBlanc

    I got this album when it first came out. This song is the best, rockin’ one on it. What sets him apart from most cheesy pop artists is that he does possess a fair amount of soul. It doesn’t hurt that this song has a great beat and is easy to dance to either.

  2. I definitely dig it. I think (and you’d probably agress) JV takes the cake when it comes to good pop! I’m curious, do you like Eric Lindell’s music?

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