Song Of The Day

Iron & Wine – “Innocent Bones”

Again this past weekend I was listening to an old mix CD I made for my Dad… he said, “This must bring back memories, huh?”. He’s so right, it really does. Even listening to songs I had in heavy rotation just a few years ago transports me right back to that time. I remember how stoked I was about the Iron & Wine album, The Shepherd’s Dog that came out in 2007. It was #3 on my “Best Of 2007” list…which was actually my first ever post on this here blog! I’m stoked to hear some new Iron & Wine material that’s heading our way in early 2011… until then, here’s my favorite track from The Shepherd’s Dog – “Innocent Bones” (I can vividly remember being in the production studio at WERS while our production director edited the swear so we could play this one on-air):

Iron & Wine

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