LOCAL: Dressing the Debutantes

A local act whose sound could be described as a mix of blues and bluegrass will be performing at the Armory tonight in Somerville. Dressing the Debutantes is a band you might like if you dig the sounds of the Avett Brothers or The Tallest Man on Earth . Check out some tunes on their MySpace page… I especially like, “Give Up, Give Out, Give In”.

Well-traveled singer/songwriter Patrick Coman will also play tonight, along with the groovy, alt-country sounds of Garlic and Moonshine.

Check out some great local music TONIGHT!

Saturday  9.11
For the Sake of the Song presents:
A One Year Anniversary Show
Americana at the Armory

featuring …

Patrick Coman
Garlic & Moonshine
Dressing the Debutantes

Armory Cafe (191 Highland Ave) Somerville


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