Newport Folk: Girl Power

I’m so tentative to use the term “Girl Power” (damn those Spice Girls for tainting it), but it’s really the best way to describe the start of Newport Folk Festival 2010.

I ran barefoot through the grass here in the quad (yay!) at Fort Adams to check out Liz Longley’s first song on the Quad Stage… she started with “When You’ve Got Trouble”, the song I posted the other day. Her voice rang out through the quad… SO PURE, SO CLEAN. It gave me goosebumps! Hear it here: Click “Download Performances”

I could hear Nneka’s sound exploding on the main Fort Stage… she’s got a very world/hip-hop/funk sound… and her energy was a great way to kick off the main stage acts. Check out her set here: Click “Download Performances”

I checked in quickly with nineteen-year-old Sarah Jarosz on the Harbor stage. It’s incredible how young, yet how talented she is! Her sound is classic bluegrass through and through. Her set is also up on our site: Click “Download Performances”

*Photos by Scott Wurster

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