Newport Folk: Bits and Pieces

WOW! This day has been a whirlwind! I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility as an integral member of our mvyradio On The Road crew. I’m loving the fast paced, urgent work that needs to be done… I thrive on this stuff! I’m doing a lot of editing and uploading of every performance and helping upload photos as well as keeping the world of Facebook up to date on our coverage. It’s hard to escape out little tent and check out music, but what I have heard has been incredible!

I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed O’Death here on the Quad Stage. Despite their scary name, they had the crowd clapping and singing along to their fusion of bluegrass and metal.

At the same time, Sam Bush was playing at the Harbor Stage. I was so glad I stuck my head through a window to hear his INCREDIBLE playing. I was seriously blown away in the very little time that I stood and listened.

Andrew Bird made music that I couldn’t even believe with his rig of looping pedals. I stuck my head out (a different) window to check him out on the Fort Stage and was flabbergasted that it was only him! Calexico jumped up and joined him later in the set… incredible!

*Photos by Scott Wurster

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