NEW Music: Cilla Bonnie

Cilla Bonnie – On the Bax

If you’re in the Boston area on Sunday night, head to The Burren in Somerville to check out Cilla Bonnie’s CD release show. This bass playing singer/songwriter is poised to make a big impact on the music world. With her very first EP, On the Bax, Cilla shows off both her versatility and her distinctiveness in just 6 tracks.

From the first few beats of “What’s the Good Word” you’ll be intrigued. This catchy tune is both playful and thoughtful: “Everybody’s talkin’ bout the way things go wrong, everybody’s talkin’ bout the shitty new song…will someone please just call me up and tell me what’s the good word?”. Things slow down a bit for “Blue Sky”, but the bass is still every bit as funky as Cilla sings about heartache without too much showiness and with a positive spin. Keys brighten the mood along with the smile-inducing lyrics on the simple “Wake Up, Break Out” before gorgeous harmonies and a somber bassline hold down “Sympathize”. Bass and drums dominate “Tuesday” along with a few lighthearted melodies and a touch of harmony on the vocals. Here Cilla really puts an easy, playful spin on a normally sad subject. The EP ends with “Mooney Moon”, a beautifully simple track with just piano and vocals.

While you could put her voice in the same category as artists like Melody Gardot or Corrine Bailey Rae, add in Cilla’s bass grooves and extremely relatable lyrics and you’ve got a performer that is like no other.

On the Bax is available next week. You can pick up a copy at Cilla’s CD release party at The Burren in Somerville on Sunday night (July 25th).

Cilla Bonnie LIVE
On the Bax
CD Release!
The Burren
Somerville, MA
Sunday, July 25th | 9:00pm

Cilla Bonnie


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2 responses to “NEW Music: Cilla Bonnie

  1. Jenn

    Awesome!! I was so bummed to miss this, but love the EP. She’s amazing :)

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