mvyradio Local Music Cafe

I filled in for the Local Music Cafe this past Tuesday and got to share a bunch of great up and coming artists. You can now listen to this show in the mvyradio archives. Here’s my complete playlist:

Jason Spooner “Crashing Down”
Cilla Bonnie “Blue Sky”
Local Natives “World News”
Samantha Farrell “Let It Go”
Hey Mama “Red Signs, White Fences”
Ryan Montbleau Band “Songbird”
Nate Wilson Group “Running Down”
Erik White “Absolute”
Sarah Blacker “Sandpiper”
Danielle Doyle “The Bird”
Great Divide “Fleetwood”
Twiggi “Angel”
Dawes “Love Is All I Am”
Rayland Baxter “Willie’s Song”
Reed Waddle “Piece By Piece”

CLICK HERE to check out this show (July, 20, 2010).

Local Music Cafe


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3 responses to “mvyradio Local Music Cafe

  1. Good timing. I was out of portable media for the weekend, so that downloaded to my MP3 player real nice. Have a nice weekend.


  2. Local Music Cafe sounds a lot like my program (except your sets are longer and your announcing far superior). I am always asking myself – Why aren’t we hearing this stuff on the radio? Well, at least MVY gives these bands their four minutes of on-air fame. Bravo!

  3. Glad you liked it Paul and awesome that it came at a good time :)

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