Lyric Of The Week

Derek and the Dominos – “Bell Bottom Blues”

The simple words of this song are sung in such a way that my heart just ACHES whenever I hear it. I think everyone has felt heartache in one form or another… and maybe you can even relate to the idea of crawling across the floor because you just don’t care – you’re that upset and desperate. He or she has left, is leaving, doesn’t care, doesn’t love you, there’s something keeping you apart… whatever it is. This song is the epitome of it all.

“Do you wanna see me crawl across the floor to you?
Do you wanna hear me beg you to take me back?
I’d gladly do it because,
I don’t wanna fade away
Give me one more day please
I don’t wanna fade away
In your heart I wanna stay”


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2 responses to “Lyric Of The Week

  1. Isn’t it amazing how we seem to gravitate to the most destructive of people and fall in love with them? Another song says there is a purpose to everything under heaven, but this one I don’t get. Thanks for reminding me about this song, Jess. It has always been one of my favorites and remains one of Clapton’s best.

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