NATEVA: Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks

Well, a week later and I’m finally finishing up my posts about Nateva. Catching up on sleep however… that still needs to be done! After processing the whole experience, I think it was two things that made Nateva really special – the lineup and the size. They had top notch artists of all different varieties and the fest was small enough that you could see and enjoy everyone you wanted to see.

My last set of Nateva was probably my most memorable. As I approached the main stage for Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, I heard a rippin’ guitar solo. I thought, “Oh man, he’s so good!” and as I got closer, I realized it was her! They are both such talented players… and Tedeschi’s voice is simply out of this world!

I remember being the tech at mvy one night when we were broadcasting Susan Tedeschi’s performance live from the Narrows Center in Fall River. I was testing the levels during her sound check and I was getting goosebumps just hearing it through the speakers! I felt so happy to be patching her live show out to our listeners… it was like sharing a wonderful gift.

Derek Trucks is truly one of the greatest guitar players of my generation. To that, add one of the best female blues singers around… and what an all-star couple they are up there! I’m so glad I got the chance to see them play together. It’s tough for me to find words with these two. Watch this and you may better understand what I mean:

Susan Tedeschi
Derek Trucks

Nateva Festival



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2 responses to “NATEVA: Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks

  1. Jess

    They really were the icing on the cake of this incredible festival. The thing that really got me (other than their ridiculous talent) was how obviously happy Susan was to be up there. I loved watching her watch the rest of the band just TEAR IT UP. She soaked in every moment & it made me SO HAPPY to be a part of it–even after I didn’t think I could possibly GET any happier.

  2. :) You’re putting me right back there. So good!

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