NATEVA: She & Him

M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel got together to make some music in 2008 and the result was an ambiguous moniker and an album called Volume One. While a lot of collaborative projects don’t last, She & Him was incredibly well received… so Volume Two came out earlier this year. As a huge fan of breezy, happy, feel-good music, I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve heard of She & Him. And I was stoked to see them perform live at the Nateva Festival this past weekend.

What a day to enjoy music outdoors! Saturday was 80 degrees and sunny…the perfect weather for sunshiny tunes. When I first head Dechanel’s voice, I was struck by how pure and clean it sounded live. Her backup singers added the perfect amount of oohs and ahhhhs while M. Ward brilliantly led the rest of the band on guitar. This music is like a blast from the past… it definitely sounds like it’s from another era.

Many are surprised to learn that (actor turned singer) Deschanel writes almost all of She & Him’s songs. In fact, she wrote her first song at age 8! Today, at 30 years old, her lyrics still have a light, childlike quality about them. “There are a lot of people who write music so that they can take their audience to a dark night of their own soul or to get something really heavy off their chest. I don’t think Zooey looks at music that way… certain people write songs to make other people feel good.” -M. Ward

Take a listen, and hopefully She & Him will brighten your day:

She & Him


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3 responses to “NATEVA: She & Him

  1. Jenn

    That’s an awesome quote from M.Ward… she’s so freaking cute :)

  2. Jalane Phaneuf

    Loved this band. Wish I could have had the courage to say hi and tell her it was amazing! =)

  3. jack phaneuf

    hey Jess,
    I want to hear more of She&Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like “feel-good” music too.

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