NEW Music: Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms

In stores today, this third album from Band Of Horses is just as compelling as the first two. I think the opening lines of track one are quite telling: “The elevator in the hotel lobby has a lazy door… the man inside is going to a hotel room.” This Seattle-based band has a way of creating vivid imagery by coupling the gorgeous harmonizing of simple phrases with their beautifully layered musical arrangements.

After falling in love with Everything All The Time (2006) and Cease To Begin (2007), I had no doubt that I would enjoy Infinite Arms. On first listen, my favorite tracks include “Factory”, “Blue Beard”, and “Dilly”.


Band Of Horses



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2 responses to “NEW Music: Band Of Horses

  1. jack phaneuf

    hey jess,
    Band of horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was going to listen to one song…wow! i gotta go to bed but i heard 5 and i want to hear them all love your blog.

  2. Vanessa

    I agree Jess, and I was really hit by that first track and lyrics.. it makes for a perfect mood.

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