LOCAL Music: Erik White

**I recently judged an open mic contest at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA…

Photo by Jamie Meditz

Erik White was quite possibly my favorite performer at the open mic competition. There’s just something about him that totally intrigues me, something that I can’t quite describe. What I can say is that he’s got an extremely unique voice and some ridiculously gorgeous words. You’ve got to hear his song “Absolute”:


“The first time I turned you on
I sat there glued and all the wrong
came rushing in and down my spine
convincing everything was fine

Then I went to go outside
and I found that all the trees had died
and so found out that you had lied
to not just me

From that day on my dreams were chilled
were being drilled by someone
who was trying hard to fill me
but kept spilling

So my life-long search began
I latched on to their evil plan
hand over hand
I started climbing”

Erik White
Brothers McCann



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2 responses to “LOCAL Music: Erik White

  1. His voice reminds me a bit of Brett Dennon. Did you record this off the sound system? I’ve done that a couple of times with remarkably good results.

  2. Hey Paul,
    I hear the Brett Dennen at times… do you know Willy Mason? He sort of reminded me of him too. But it seems his voice is not quite as high as BD and not quite as low as WM :)

    I believe Erik recorded this himself and posted it to his MySpace.

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