Best Of ’09: Girlyman

Girlyman – Everything’s Easy

Girlyman is one of those bands I want to tell everyone about. I had only heard their name a few times when I saw them live at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this past summer. I had no idea what kind of music to expect from a band called Girlyman. In fact, I think folk was the last genre I would have guessed! Well folk is what they are…folk with mindblowing harmonies. They blew me away at Falcon Ridge and I think this album really does them justice. Everything’s Easy is a collection of songs that show off this group’s incredible story-telling abilities. The first track, “Easy Bake Ovens” gives you a great representation of the GORGEOUS three-part harmonies that are so striking throughout the record. Check out that tune, and others from the album on their MySpace page.

This Atlanta-based trio has not (yet) gotten the recognition I think they deserve. They will be definitely be high on my list of favorites this year.

Everything’s Easy

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