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Best Of ’09: Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux – Bare Bones

As I put together my list for the top 25 albums of 2009, I’ll revisit a lot of the music. This album will be high on my list of favorites, for sure. Madeleine Peyroux’s smooth vocals and light, airy jazz melodies make for some delightful listening. I swear, her music uplifts even when focusing on negative subject matter. Through the grief and sadness comes a lightheartedness. From the fun, lyric-packed single, “You Can’t Do Me” to the dark, fluid, “Damn The Circumstances”, this album attempts to evoke a range of emotions, and really delivers.

Madeleine Peyroux
Bare Bones


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LIVE: The Slip

I was delighted to witness The Slip play a post Thanksgiving show at Lupo’s in Providence, RI. These guys really impressed me. They’ve got such a full sound for a trio. Brad Barr is incredibly talented on the guitar, taking monster solos and adding dynamic effects to the mix with pedals and loops. His brother Andrew knocked me out on the drums. I’ve never seen anyone drum as fast as he did…and it seemed so effortless. Marc Friedman held it all down on the bass…and at times would play rhythm guitar while keeping a bass line with his feet!

The Slip is a rock band no doubt, but they often take the music to a dream-like place. I definitely found myself closing my eyes and really feeling the music…no psychedelics needed! The three seem to work so well together, allowing tempo and key changes to happen smoothly within and between songs. Marco Benevento opened the show and sat in during a few tunes, adding some serious keys into the mix. The trading between Marco and Brad during one jam was a highlight of the night for me. Towards the end of the evening, they played a killer intro into “Children Of December”, with everyone singing along. They closed with a tight rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” which left everyone cheering for more. Lupo’s is a great venue, but it’s not fun getting pushed out the door at 10pm to allow the dance party to commence. Despite that, I had a blast, and I can’t wait to see these guys again.

The Slip

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Song Of The Day

The Slip – “Children Of December”

I’m REALLY psyched to see The Slip tonight at Lupo’s in Providence. I saw part of their set at High Sierra two summers ago, and I interviewed them back when I worked at WERS. During that interview, they played a tune that really resonated with me. I was born on December 30th and while my family showers me with gifts (thanks guys!), my friends in school never knew my birthday even happened. Here’s a video of The Slip performing “Children Of December”  from the album Eisenhower

“All the parents of the children of December
Have a clutch
‘Cause their birthdays are the hardest to remember
When you’re born on Christmas
Or the day before New Years
They can sing Happy Birthday
But but but nobody hears…”

The Slip


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LIVE: Dietrich Strause

If you’re in the Boston area, check out Dietrich Strause at TOAD in Cambridge tonight. He’s celebrating the release of his debut self-titled album, which you can preview HERE. For the show, he’ll play with drummer Jim Larkin, bassist Tom Bianchi, Noah Maltzberger on guitar and Laurence Scudder on viola. This should be a solid night of music. Dietrich is an exciting young songwriter who really has a way with words. If you enjoy Brett Dennen, Amos Lee, or Beirut, I think you’ll like Dietrich Strause.

Dietrich Strause
Saturday, November 28
7:30pm/NO COVER!

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Lyric Of The Week

Bob Schneider – “40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet)”

I had never listened to Bob Schneider until his latest album, Lovely Creatures came out this year. It’s a really great record…rock/pop I guess you could call it.  Once I heard the single “40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet)”, I checked out his website which is FILLED with hilarious commentary and all sorts of fun animations. On the site, he explains that ’40 dogs’ is a term for 40 oz. of beer. All of the lyrics in the song are great, but I particularly love this line:

“You’re the color of the colored part of the Wizard Of Oz movie”

Bob Schneider

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Song Of The Day

Delta Spirit – “Trashcan”

I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I stuffed myself with wonderful food and drink with my family and closest friends. I got to share a great set of music from Arlo Guthrie during mvy LIVE (if you missed it, you can check it out in the archives). To top it all off, my boyfriend returned from an 8-week tour and it was a joyous reunion. I believe I’ve written about this particular song before when I was anticipating his first visit to the island. Well, as he was driving to my house to see me after a long time gone, he heard an acoustic version of the tune on a mix CD. Then later in the evening, we heard the album version of it while listening to mvy. One line of the song is SO fitting:  “My love is coming, I can barely hardly wait…”

Delta Spirit performed both an electric and acoustic version of “Trashcan” during a session with last year. Read the Daytrotter article here.



Delta Spirit

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Thanksgiving & Arlo Guthrie

Tune in to mvyradio this Thanksgiving…we’ll have the original, classic, “Alice’s Restaurant” at noon, and then at 9PM I’ll be featuring an hour-long performance from Arlo Guthrie at Newport Folk 50 this past summer. You’ll hear him do “The Motorcycle Song”, “Me And My Goose”, and “City Of New Orleans” as well as some covers of tunes from Leadbelly, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. He’ll also crack you up with some great stories and jokes. Don’t miss Arlo Guthrie’s performance from Newport Folk…Thanksgiving night at 9 o’clock. And if you can’t go a year without hearing “Alice’s Restaurant”, we’ll have that for you at noon!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Arlo Guthrie

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