Soundtrack: My Sister’s Keeper

my sister's keeper

Alright…I was excited and also nervous to see this movie after reading and LOVING Jodi Picoult’s book, “My Sister’s Keeper”. There’s always that element of, “the book was wayyy better”. I must say, I was terribly disappointed. If you’ve never read the book, I would suggest the film to you. On it’s own, it’s a good (sad and touching) movie. In relation to the best selling novel, it cannot even compare. I don’t want to give any details away about either the book or the film…plus I’d rather not focus on the negative…SO, let’s talk about the music!

I noticed some great tunes throughout this movie. The soundtrack includes songs from Regina Spektor, Pete Yorn, James Blunt and Jeff Buckley. Greg Laswell does a very interesting cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have fun” and Edwina Hayes does a gorgeous rendition of “Feels Like Home”.

I loooove movies almost as much as music, and when the two come together in harmony, it makes for some extremely memorable moments. The music in this movie definitely complimented (most of) the scenes, and helped bring me into the story.

My Sister’s Keeper
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  1. SonofHermit

    I stood with friends up near the refreshments stands, but moved to behind the shortstop area after Wilco’s first song, and I’m glad I did. The vibe was tremendous and the sound excellent. Although I’ve been listening to the live CD “Killing Televison” of late, and saw them perform on Austin City Limits, I was completely blown away by the show. Despite the crappy venue, it was one the best rock shows I’ve ever seen! They were like a combination of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Radiohead with a dash of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen thrown in. I haven’t seen a rock show that good since I had hair on my head!

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