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Song Of The Day


When I wake up with a song in my head, I know it’s for sure the song of the day! Have you heard any of Jonatha Brooke’s new record “The Works”? It’s quite outstanding…she took never before recorded lyrics from Woody Guthrie’s archives and wrote her own music to accompany the words. She said she’s never had such a creative high working on an album.

We’ve been spinning a track from “The Works” called “You Oughta Be Satisfied”. Really sweet song with a great beat (she refers to it as a ‘swampy romp’) and of course, killer lyrics.

“I’m down in this gutter I’m hungry I’m cold.
You’re drinking and gambling and you’re wasting our dough,
and you’ll never pay back that money you owe, yes you owe.
You oughta be satisfied now…oughta be satisfied now”

Check out this video about the making of the album
Jonatha Brooke on MySpace


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NEW Music: David Byrne & Brian Eno


After almost 30 years, David Byrne and Brian Eno join forces once again for the new album “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”.

“This record was born as a dinner conversation. While dining in New York with David and some other friends, I mentioned that I had accumulated a lot of music, which, despite my intentions, I had never formed into songs. David volunteered to give them a try. By and large, we stuck to our separate territories: I worked on the instrumentals, and he generally focused on the lyrics and vocals. This arrangement seemed to work well. “

                   -Brian Eno

“Folk-electronic-gospel” is how David Byrne and Brian Eno refer to their new collaboration and I wholeheartedly agree. Ever heard of Now It’s Overhead? The first few beats of “Everything That Happens…” reminds me of that group’s electronic, dream-like sound. But for the most part, this is very distinctively David Byrne and Brian Eno…with elements from their old work, plus a new spin. David Byrne writes simple and mostly positive lyrics to music he says he would have never thought to create.

Sitting and listening to this entire album is definitely worth it. In my opinion, this record’s meat lies right in the middle, with the title track, “Everything That Happens”, “Life is Long”, “The River”, “Strange Overtones”, and “Wanted For Life”.

After hearing the single “Strange Overtones”, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the full-length record, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve been spinning this disc a ton…along with new releases from Ray LaMontagne and Martin Sexton. I apologize for my infrequent updates…I will try to remedy that!

See David Byrne in concert!
Check out David Byrne’s Journal
David Byrne on MySpace

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LIVE: Bill Kirchen


mvy Live is every Thursday at 9pm…
Tomorrow night it’s Bill Kirchen live from Rhythm & Roots 2008.


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