Jam Cruise: Snarky Puppy

Well, it’s been more than 2 weeks since Jam Cruise…and I’m still (literally) dreaming about the experience. I’m going to share some stuff with you that has remained with me since the cruise… even through the blizzard…

For me, watching Snarky Puppy was like witnessing a bunch of genius musicians BUILD the music as if it were a structure. A lot of the heavy hitters on board would come to their sets to check these guys out. That’s always telling – when musicians are standing next to you, watching, with their jaws also on the floor. This live video gives you a taste of what this Brooklyn-based collab is all about…

LISTEN TO MORE: Snarky Puppy

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PLAYLIST: Jam Cruise 13

So… right before Christmas I was unexpectedly invited to Jam Cruise!!! I had been twice before so I knew I was in for the experience of a lifetime. My goodness, it’s been 5 days since I stepped back onto dry land and I’m still reeling from all the incredible music I witnessed. As I work through my post Jam Cruise depression, I figured it would be helpful to make a mix of music from some of the bands that wowed me on board. Here it is… more to come:

Jam Cruise

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My Favorite Singles: 2014

It wasn’t hard to put together a list of my favorite singles for 2014…there were so many fun tracks, a lot of upbeat energy in almost all of these songs. The beginning of this playlist, the first 10 tracks or so, are my standouts. Enjoy!

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My Top 10 Albums: 2014

Normally towards the end of the year, I’m excitedly jotting down a lot of notes and trying to formulate my “best of” list but this year was different. I feel like I’ve been drawn more toward single tracks this year…it will likely be easy for me to make a playlist of my favorite 25 (or more) songs of 2014 (coming soon)! It’s harder for me to pick 10 albums, but here’s what I’ve come up with…

1. Bahamas - Bahamas Is Afie

2. Lake Street Dive - Bad Self Portraits

3. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Give The People What They Want

nickel creek
4. Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line

5. Beck - Morning Phase

first aid kit
6. First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

7. The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

8. Robert Plant - The Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar

9. Tweedy - Sukierae

keb mo
10. Keb’ Mo’ - Bluesamericana

Happy New Year!

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NEW: Father John Misty

“Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”

Wow. I was really sad when Fleet Foxes drummer J Tilman left the band, but he’s created so much crazy, powerful, sonically beautiful music as Father John Misty since then…I’m over it! Check out this new single from his forthcoming album I Love You, Honeybear, which is due out February 10th.

Father John Misty

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SONG: Punch Brothers

“I Blew It Off”

This might be my new favorite song! Love it love it love it…Chris Thile really never disappoints. Cannot wait to have the new Punch Brothers album in my hands – due out January 27th!

Punch Brothers

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LYRICS: Lucius


I traveled to Albany, NY on Friday to see Bahamas open up for Lucius at The Hollow. I knew seeing those two acts on the same bill in such a small venue would be special and worth the trip. I’ve got to say, I was completely blown away by this show. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences I’ve had. I’ll probably post a few more times about it… but today I’m still thinking about this particular Lucius song and its incredible lyrics.

The song talks about the “monsters” inside us. We all live with them…whether we’ve been able to identify that or not. Over the past few years I’ve really learned to notice these “monsters” and have tried to be curious about them from a place of self. It’s amazing what you can discover within yourself when you’re open to it…and how that can change how you deal with situations and interactions with others.

“I know I’m older, but there are still monsters in all of my closets
Sometimes I feed them and some, they get bigger than others
Depends on the day
Sometimes I’ll sit on the edge of my bed
And I’ll wait just to see them rear their ugly heads
Sometimes I just cannot face them

I know I’m taller, but there are still things that are out of my reach
One of my monsters, you ask him, they’ll tell you
He’s always reminding me
I’ll never get loved just as much as I give it
My life will be hard for as long as I live it
You ask and they’ll tell you it all

Maybe if I sit and reason with them
Tell them they’ve got it all wrong
Maybe if I sit and reason with them
And tell them they’ve got it all wrong

I should be wiser, but all of these monsters
I let them get under my skin
One of them has the most hideous face
And he says that I look just like him
One of them, she’s so intelligent
She won’t acknowledge what I have to say
And she’ll tell you she knows it all”


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